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Parts for MOBIL 2500-3000-3600 Edgeband Presses

  • BE1000700-MOBIL-thermostat-Hoffmann

    MOBIL PRESS Electric Thermostat

    Electric thermostat, used on pre-heating and main heating elements on MOBIL Press 2500, MOBIL Press 3000 and MOBIL Press 3600 model.  Heavy-duty model with ceramic backing plate and 6mm shaft.  Stainless steel temperature sensor is...

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  • BE1000531-MOBIL-safety-valve-Hoffmann

    MOBIL PRESS Pneumatic Safety Valve

    Pneumatic safety valve with black finger pull for horizontal clamping operation.  Generally installed on the right side of lower carriage member. IMPORTANT:  This valve is equipped with safety circuit and must be used to control the...

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  • BE1000533-MOBIL-pneumatic-valve-Hoffmann

    MOBIL PRESS Pneumatic Manual Valve

    Pneumatic valve with black finger pull for vertical clamping operation.  Generally installed on the left side of lower carriage member. IMPORTANT: This valve is not equipped with a safety circuit and must only be used to control the vertical...

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  • BE1000900-MOBIL-pressure-plate-large-front-Hoffmann BE1000900-MOBIL-pressure-plate-large-back-Hoffmann

    MOBIL PRESS Pressure Plate, large

    Large pressure plate for MOBIL solid wood edgebanding press models MOBIL2500, MOBIL 3000 and MOBIL 3600.White rubber surface is vulcanized onto steel back plate at factory. Front side permanently covered with white non-marring rubber surface, 3.5mm...

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  • BE1000950-MOBIL-support-pad-small-Hoffmann

    MOBIL PRESS Material Support Pad

    Small pressure plate for MOBIL solid wood edgebanding press models 2500 and 3000.  Black, ribbed surface, 3.0mm thick with self-adhesive backing.  These are small support plates installed on the upper material supports. Will also fit most older...

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