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Accessories for PU-2 dovetail routing machines

  • Fence Plate for PU2 - 30° - for hexagon frames  W3102000

    Fence Plate for PU-2 models - 30° - for hexagon frames

    Steel fence plate, machined edges with 30 degree, with black finish for joining miters with 30 degree corners = hexagon (6-sided) frames. Optional equipment for PU-2 machines. Tip: A light coating of butcher block wax will keep the plate from rusting!

  • Fence Plate for PU2 - 67.5° - for flag cases (W3104675) Flag Case, mfg. by Spartacraft and joined with Hoffmann W-1 Dovetail Keys

    Fence Plate for PU2 - 67.5° - for flag cases

    Steel fence plate, machined edges with steep 67.5 degree sides, with black finish for joining miters in flag display cases (isosceles triangles - two angles are the same 67.5 degr. and two sides are the same length) Will work with PU-2 machines. Note:...

  • Hoffmann Mullion Jig for PU2 models (W3018000) Mullion Jig installed on MU2-P bench-top routing machine (for illustration only)

    Mullion Jig - for PU-2 models

    Mullion Jig machined out of solid aluminum - fits only on MU2 and MU2-P models. Designed with steel guide blocks to register in groove on machine table Jig is just slightly lower than rear fence on PU-2 machine to allow the bottom edge of the coped...

  • Table-Stop-Spring-Loaded-detail-Hoffmann-W3024000 Table-Stop-Spring-Loaded-detail-Hoffmann-W3024000

    Table Flip Stop

    Table Flip Stops are spring-loaded and machined of solid steel, with a recessed set-screw for quick adjustment. Table Flip-Stops can be used along the fence rail recessed in the table and also on fence rail extensions. They will fit all Hoffmann...