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Beam and Panel Tightener

  • SPWE0096 - Beam Tightener, new hook design, image 3, by Hoffmann-USA.jpg SPWE0096 - Beam Tightener, new hook design close-up, by Hoffmann-USA.jpg

    IQ-Log Puller

    The IQ-Log Puller with forged steel hooks is quickly secured to beams, posts and other large and heavy timber components with a few hammer blows. When the job is finished, the innovative hook design allows removal with a single hammer blow, no need to...

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  • SPWE0097 -Panel Tightener with swivel plates, image 1, by Hoffmann-USA.jpg SPWE0013PN - Panel Tightener application image 2,  by Hoffmann-USA.jpg

    IQ-Panel Puller

    The IQ-Panel Puller features swiveling mounting plates, approx. 6 1/4" x 2 1/4" and a full 5/16" thick, made of galvanized steel. Each plate has an array of  mounting holes in various diameters for utmost flexibility when attaching the panel...