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My mantra is, “use the right tool for the job.” For joining tall stem and floater frames, there is no better joining system than Hoffmann. I am confident that my frames are strong and connected for the full height of the molding. You just can’t do this with a v-nailer.

I specialize in framing oversized art. Joining frames using Hoffmann Keys lets me create frames that are strong and structurally sound.

Hoffmann joiners are not only a superior method of joining, but they also provide a means to add elegant decorative touches to truly customize your frames.

Rob Markoff, CPF

Gallery Services

San Diego, CA



We’ve always pushed the limits of frame design – big, tall, complicated. You name it and we try to do it, regularly altering mouldings to get the perfect look, almost always stacking to get a unique combination.

Getting perfect corners using underpinner machines was a constant challenge. With the Hoffmann machine we have an elegant solution for all those tall and thin mouldings now so prevalent in the industry.

We use it regularly for float frames and shadowbox profiles. Some of the Hoffmann accessories designed specifically for tall profiles make that easy.  We’ve also found it surprisingly quick and handy for a myriad of other profile shapes. A bonus is the ability to join angles other than standard 90 degrees.

A Hoffmann joining machine is a valuable addition to any serious frame shop.

Alice Perritt, CPF

HoFP Gallery

Columbia, SC


In 2016 we purchased the Hoffmann MU2-P dovetail machine.   Our first introduction to Hoffmann was at the West Coast Art and Frame show. Year after year I would look at the machine and talk to other well respected framers about it. As time went on many of these framers purchased MU2 machines and were thrilled with its performance.   In fact, they all raved about it so much one year that I had to go back to the Hoffmann both and really take a better look at what everyone was talking about.   After about an hour of Gary and Markus showing me the machine and me trying the dovetail machines for myself I was also “hooked”  

 Tall, narrow and odd shaped profiles have always been a challenge to join with a v-nailer. So many times our framers would resort to joining these frames on manual corner vices - so slow and all those nail holes.   Our Hoffmann MU2-P changed all of that. After two years of production use I have found frame after frame – this machine excels at joining tall and difficult molding profiles. Hardwood or Softwood the MU2-P does them all. This machine is a great addition to our shop. Even more impressive is how strong of a joint the MU2-P system can make in tall narrow frames.  

I would highly recommend purchasing the MU2-P pneumatic version of this machine.   It is so much faster and easier to use than the manual.   It is definitely an investment in quality equipment that will keep on working for you for many years.  

Finally, I would also like to thank the Hoffman USA team for all of their continued support. Markus, Gary and Kim are terrific. They are always there to answer questions and offer suggestions on how to take full advantage of my Hoffmann machine. Our Hoffmann dovetail machine and the team behind it all rock!  

Joseph Lipiner


Frame Dimensions, LLC

Manchester, CT


The Hoffmann dovetail joining machine is a refreshingly well engineered and built machine. Unlike most machines of this day and age, they are truly designed for a professional to use day in and day out.

We get consistent, quality joins regardless of the level of experience of the operator. Our biggest use is for the Ready –To-Assemble wholesale custom picture framing market, and our customers absolutely love it. They get the quality of a pre-joined frame for a fraction of the cost and no worries about shipping damage.

Virtually everyone who has tried it has added the option to their default ordering protocol. I heartily recommend the Hoffmann Dovetail System, and especially so for anyone who is joining deep and narrow hardwood frames.


David Waldmann


Vermont Hardwoods

Chester, VT


 The Hoffmann Dovetail System is by far the best method for joining hardwood picture frames that we have found in 37+ years in the picture framing industry.  We have used the MU2 and PP2 machines extensively for many years and the joints they produce are reliably strong, spot-on precise, and quick to set up and produce.  The design and engineering of the Hoffmann system, along with the versatility of their machines, allow us to create very strong mitered corner joints in very narrow moldings –a very difficult thing to achieve, especially in deep moldings made from Hard Maple or other exceptionally hard species.  Again, this is the best system I have found –and by a wide margin!

Mark Thorpe


Picture Woods, Ltd.

Boulder, CO


 In my 46 years of professional picture framing my go to joining system is the Hoffmann

dovetail routing machine. It opens the unlimited possibilities for joining picture frames

with precision and accuracies that is unmatched by anyone in our industry.

The majority of my frame designs require dimensional spacing, the majority of my frame

profiles are tall cap styles and only a Hoffmann joining machine provides a dovetail

assembly that is strong and holds every time regardless how deep or tall your moulding


Tim Franer, CPF

Tim Franer and Company

Corning, CA