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Accessories for X-20 and discontinued MU-2 models

  • Table-Stop-Spring-Loaded-detail-Hoffmann-W3024000 Table-Stop-Spring-Loaded-detail-Hoffmann-W3024000

    Table Flip Stop

    Table Flip Stops are spring-loaded and machined of solid steel, with a recessed set-screw for quick adjustment. Table Flip-Stops can be used along the fence rail recessed in the table and also on fence rail extensions. They will fit all Hoffmann...

  • Flip-Stop-for-Fence-Rail-Workpiece-Hoffmann-W3022000

    Flip Stop for Fence Rail

    Flips Stops for Fence Rail are for all Hoffmann Dovetail Routing machines when outfitted with optional Fence Rail Extensions. Precision made of aluminum, the quick-release lever makes for fast adjustment along the rear fence.The swivel plate can be...

  • Fence-Rail-Extension-Hoffmann-W3029000 Fence-Rail-Extension-Hoffmann-W3029000

    Fence Rail Extension - 39 3/8" (1000mm)

    Hoffmann Fence Rail Extensions are made of silver anodized aluminum extrusions and are shipped complete with connectors.Extensions are 1000mm = 39 3/8" long and multiple extensions can be joined for longer lengths as needed. Can be installed on either...

  • Square Stop for X-18, X-20, MU2 and P-series (W3900004) Square Stop for X-18, X-20, MU2 and P-series (W3900004)

    Square Stop for X-18, X-20, MU2 and P-series

    Square Stops for X-18, X-20, MU2, mU2-P and P- series machines are made of aluminum, with precision machined sides and a special ridge on the underside to engage the fence rail.Stops are also used as set-up gauges and have machined steps for precise...

  • Square-Stop-with-Height-Extensions-Hoffmann-W3020002 Square-Stop-with-Height-Extenions-Workpiece-Hoffmann-W3020002

    Square Stop w. Height Extensions, MU-3 series

    Hoffmann Square Stop with Height Extensions is a helpful accessory when processing tall, thin material standing "on edge". Aluminum Height Extensions are mounted along both edges of the standard Square Stop to increase lateral support and accuracy for...

  • Hoffmann Digital Multi Gauge, adjusting router bit Hoffmann Digital Multi Gauge, setting zero point

    Hoffmann Digital Multi Gauge

    Hoffmann routing machines are delivered with specially designed square stops which double as set-up gauges. (X-15 models are shipped with separate gauge blocks). Square Stop for MU-2 series...