MOBIL Edgebanding Press

The MOBIL 2500 and 3000 series edgebanding presses are the successor models to the well-known HESS MOBIL PRESS which has been sold in the US for many years. After the close of the HESS Company in Germany as few years back, these new machines are manufactured by the Beck Machine Company and are distributed in the US, Canada and Mexico exclusively by Hoffmann. Many of the spare parts (pressure plates, heating elements, pneumatic valves, thermostats, etc.) available for the current MOBIL machines will fit older HESS MOBIL models - see Spare Parts Menu for ordering details.

The machines are designed to quickly and precisely attach solid wood edges to panels made of common sheet goods such as MDF, particleboard, plywood, etc.  They are equipped with two heating elements and two (MOBIL 2500) or three (MOBIL 3000) pneumatic clamping stations. Each station features two horizontal clamping cylinders to secure the panels and two vertical short-stroke cylinders to pull the panels down onto the edgebanding.  Standard white or yellow PVA glue is used in combination with the adjustable heating elements to attach up to 2” thick and up to 4” tall solid wood edges without the need for special glue, splines or additional fasteners. Glue bonds strong enough to remove the panel from the press are achieved in about one minute on 1” thick wood edges – less time is needed for thinner stock. 

An adjustable steel edge guide assures consistent and parallel edge alignment and edges up to 4” wide (waterfall edges) can be processed.  In addition to standard square or butt-joined edges mitered corner edges can be applied quickly and easily. The adjustable miter stop is used to precisely locate the inside corner of the mitered edge band with the corner of the panel, resulting in tight fitting joints on every panel. Two and three station models allow continuous operation when processing small to mid-sized panels. By the time the last panel is placed and clamped in the machine, the first panel can already be removed. This is especially true for the three station Mobil 3000, which is ideal for this type of operation.

Standard Equipment

  • Tilting panel support frame for easier handling of large panels (horizontal operation)
  • Adjustable miter stop for precise corners on architectural grade panels
  • Separate controls for each clamping station to allow for continuous operation
  • Air regulator, filter, lubricator assembly installed
  • One main heating bar and one pre-heating bar with individual thermostats
  • Removable pre-heat bar for easier access during horizontal operation
  • Anodized heating platens to reduce scratching and glue build-up.
  • Heavy, solid welded steel frame and clamping stations on ball bearings assure long-term accuracy.

Technical Specifications

  MOBIL 2500 MOBIL 3000

230 volts,
single phase,
1.5 kW
230 volts,
single phase,
1.8 kW
Compressed Air: 90 psi - 6 bar 90 psi - 6 bar
Max. edgeband size: 98"L x 4"W x 2"D 118"L x 4"W x 2"D
Heating elements:
1x pre-heater,
1x main element
1x pre-heater,
1x main element
Clamp Cylinders: Four (two pairs) Six (three pairs)
Individual clamp controls: 2 3
Adjustable Miter Stop: Included Included
Overall dimensions: 106"L x 48"W x 34"H 126"L x 48"W x 34"H
Weight: 880 lbs. 1,100 lbs.
Order Number: BE25001000 BE3000100
Price F.O.B. Valdese, NC: $16,120.00 $20,580.00

The MOBIL Edgebanding Press – an alternative technology for solid wood edgebanding



The MOBIL edgebanding press uses heat, pressure and common white or yellow (PVA) woodworking glue to quickly produce maximum strength, ultra-thin, low visibility glue joints.

The guiding principle behind the MOBIL edgebanding press works with, not against, the physical properties of wood. The pre-heated wood strip quickly draws water out of the glue, much like a sponge. The glue solids are drawn into the cell with the water, assuring deep penetration and quick setting. The panel itself does not require heating, only the edgeband, as the substrate of the typical panel (particleboard, MDF, plywood, etc.) has a naturally high absorption rate at ambient temperatures. Heating the panel is therefore neither necessary nor desirable.


The operator begins by placing a wood strip in the pre-heating element to increase its temperature to the pre-set level. Once removed, the strip is placed with the cool face down onto the heated platen of the pressing area. After applying glue to the panel, it is set onto the pre-heated face of the edge strip (unlike with hot-melt edgebanders, panels are commonly processed vertically in the press).  The operator then activates the pneumatic push-button valves to clamp the panel against the back supports, then a second set of valves is activated and the lower cylinders pull the panel tightly onto the edgebanding strip. The combination of heat and pressure quickly creates a very strong bond.

Pre-heating principle

Preheating one face of the edgebanding reduces the natural moisture level on that side of the strip. This creates an imbalance, which unchecked could result in twisting or warping. By heating the opposite side of the wood strip during the pressing cycle, the edgeband is balanced, the internal stresses are reduced and the edgeband returns to a natural, relaxed state. Failing to balance the edgeband, especially on heavier moulding (1/2” – 2”) could result in stress that could work against the glue line. Balancing the strips assures strongest possible glue bonds across the whole length of the panel.


The MOBIL 2500 and 3000 series edge banding presses are the perfect choice for woodworking companies who manufacture table tops, shelves, cabinets, architectural millwork, library and bank interiors, commercial and store displays, restaurant booth and tables, to name a few applications. In addition, the machines are an ideal complement to existing large, dedicated edgebanders in situations where either the edgebander cannot handle wider, solid wood edges or switching over for a few panels is not time efficient.


Compared to manual gluing operations using bar clamps, etc. the MOBIL edgebanding press, by using heat and pressure, can attach a solid wood edge, 1” thick, in approx. 1 minute! The same glue-up at room temperature would take at least 45 minutes. Compared to a large edgebander, the MOBIL can quickly apply edge profiles from as thin as veneer thickness up to 2” thick and 4” wide. Compared to a large edgebander, the MOBIL can accurately apply mitered edges up to 2” wide, creating perfect corner joints.

Flush-trimming the edge

When applying a solid wood edge, the edge guide on the MOBIL is always adjusted to allow for a small “overhang” of the wood edge, approx. 1/32” - 1/16”. To bring the edge flush with the panel surface, the Hoffmann BH-556 Lipping Planer is the ideal tool for every shop. The planer is designed for accurate flush-planing of solid wood edges up to 2 1/4” wide.  Please follow this link for more information - HEBOR Edge Lipping Planer

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MOBIL 2500 Edgebanding Press
The machines are equipped with two heating elements and two (MOBIL 2500) or three (MOBIL 3000) pneum..
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MOBIL 3000 Edgebanding Press
The machines are equipped with two heating elements and two (MOBIL 2500) or three (MOBIL 3000) pneum..
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