RGPKG-20-R RazorGage automated stop systems

RGPKG-20-R RazorGage automated stop systems
RGPKG-20-R RazorGage automated stop systems RGPKG-20-R RazorGage automated stop systems RGPKG-20-R RazorGage automated stop systems
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RazorGage Strop Systems are built by Technical Services, Inc. in Ames, Iowa and are used in shops and plants throughout the United States as well as many foreign countries.

The 15” touch screen is an industrial quality monitor, able to withstand daily use in dusty environments. The computer is a “solid state” HP product without any moving parts (no hard drive, no fans, no disk drive, etc.) Again, reliability in workshops was paramount in the design.

The operation is intuitions, and set-up/calibration is a matter of a few keystrokes. The innovative “fraction keys” minimize keystrokes and reduce human error.  RazorGage Stop Systems are available in LOS (left-of-saw) and ROS (right-of saw) configurations, in lengths from 3 feet up to 35 feet.

The systems shown and priced on these pages are the basic stop systems – we are glad to discuss your particular application and help you find the best model for your specific needs.

The two major differences between a RazorGage and other automated stop systems are:

1.      Better Hardware

A programmable stop only benefits your business if you can trust it to position accurately every day.  Since most stops systems calculate stop position based on motor rotation, drive component precision is crucial to long term accuracy. Compared to plastic wear pads running in aluminum extrusions, RazorGage uses precision THK Linear Guides in every stop they built.

2.      Better Software

Since everyone uses a personal computer these days, why should a stop system be different? Every RazorGage includes a reliable, solid-state PC running Windows XP embedded. Files can be saved to the PC via a network connection or simply by using an USB storage stick. Part dimensions can be entered manually on screen or downloaded from Excel spreadsheets as well as CabinetWare® and CabinetVision® software products capable of outputting RZG files (depending on software version).


 One year parts and workmanship. RazorGage warranty terms apply.

Power Supply 120 Volts, 50-60 Hz, 10 Amp.
Push Force Adjustable, up to 200 Lbs.
Carriage Velocity Adjustable, up to 60 inches per second
Accuracy Rotary Encoder: +/- 0.008" over 12' (standard equipment) Linear Encoder: +/- 0.004" over 12' (option)
Working Length 20ft
Operator Display 15" Color LCD touch screen
Display Languages English or Spanish (user adjustable)
USB Ports Up to 6 for printing, memory expansion, etc.
Network Port RJ 45 connection port installed
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