GS2-108-4.0-R,L GlideStop Package

GS2-108-4.0-R,L   GlideStop Package
Brand: J.A. Dawley
Part No: GS2-108-4.0-RL
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Price: $359.00

The GlideStop Fence System bridges the gap between automated and manual stop systems with its patented indexing system. This stop system will increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of any shop and has proven itself in thousands of woodworking shops around the country.

The Patented Indexing System allows the GlideStop to return to any number of preset positions thanks to the indexes (hardened set-screws) located in a channel along the back edge of the fence rail.  The indexes can be placed quickly and easily anywhere along the fence; they are extremely accurate and will not move even if the stop is pushed firmly against them.  Unlike other systems the GlideStop is not hindered by multiple stops, in other words no pre-set location is ever in the way. The GlideStop can be tightened anywhere along the fence regardless of index placement and bypassing an index without moving it is as easy as pushing a spring-loaded lever.

The heavy-duty GS2 Fence extrusion comes standard with all infeed and outfeed packages. Our exclusive fence has incorporated T-slots for easy mounting on existing machines and tables.  The GS2 fence was designed for perfect splicing so all lengths can ship UPS™.

Fence lengths: 4.0'- 6.5'- 8.5'- 10.5'- 12.5' longer and custom sizes are available

Glide Stop Package:

  • GlideStop with locking lever and two hairline pointers
  • Bag of 20 stop indexes
  • 12’ self-adhesive measuring tape (with inch scale – metric tapes are available)
  • 4 foot length of GS2 aluminum fence rail
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