BH-556 Lipping Planer

BH-556 Lipping Planer
BH-556 Lipping Planer BH-556 Lipping Planer BH-556 Lipping Planer BH-556 Lipping Planer BH-556 Lipping Planer BH-556 Lipping Planer
Brand: HEBOR - Switzerland
Part No: E202 000, Adler BH-556
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The Hoffmann BH-556 Lipping Planer, also known as the ADLER or HEBOR Lipping Planer, has been on the market for decades and has proven its reliability in the woodworking field around the world. The machine is built for Hoffmann by the Hebor Company of Switzerland with the attention to quality and detail Swiss products are known for.

For over twenty years, Hoffmann Machine Company has been the exclusive distributor for the United States, Canada and Mexico and the thousands of Hebor Lipping Planers in use around the country are a testament to the quality, durability and reliability of this machine.                             

Our customers include one-man woodworking shops where the planer is used a few times per week, to mid-sized companies all the way to large furniture factories where the machines are run for hours every day.

History of the Adler Lipping Planers made by Hebor, S.A. in Switzerland                           
 In the 1970’s, the Hebor Company of Lonay, Switzerland designed and built the first handheld planer specifically for the flush-planing of solid wood edges. The machine was named the Adler 20000 and was an immediate success in the marketplace. Swiss, German and woodworkers from basically every European country bought and used the machines because they solved a dire need in their production, the precise planing of solid wood edges without damaging the panel surface.

The Adler 20000 was succeeded by the Adler BHM-56 in 1986. The machine designation stands for “Bündighobelmaschine” = Flush Planing Machine with 56mm cutting width. This new model continued the success of the earlier version and when Hoffmann Machine Company, Inc. was founded in 1990, the machine was added to our product line at the very beginning. The most notable difference between the older and the new machine was the change of the important height adjustment operation.

The Adler 20000 had a simple adjustment screw at the very front of the base plate, and it relied on a cumbersome locknut to hold the setting in place. In contrast, the new Adler BHM-56 used an innovative height adjustment ratchet. This allows the user to change height settings in 4/1000” increments to precisely “sneak up” to the perfect setting. The older adjustment without the ratchet was prone to mistakes because once the locknut was loosened the setting could change inadvertently without the operator knowing how much the base plate had moved. Unnecessary damage to the panel surface was the result.

Hebor introduced the self-locking ratchet adjustment on the Adler BHM-56 and this design has proved so successful, it is still used in the next generation of Lipping Planers, the Adler BH-556.

The Adler BH-556 was introduced in 1999 and again it has been dramatic improvement to its already reliable predecessor. Using modern motor design, the motor housing was changed from the older metal casting to impact resistant plastic, making the machine lighter for all day use. At the same time, the motor performance was almost doubled, from 720 watts on the Adler BHM-56 to 1,400 watts on the Adler BH-556. Other improvements include better ergonomics and weight balance, a quick disconnect for the power cord and a locking power switch for safety.

The most important addition is the patented steel safety guard, which completely covers the cutter head but at the same time is easily retracted when the machine is in used.


Precise Cutting Depth Adjustment

A sturdy knob mounted on top of the motor casting houses a leaf spring and a fine adjustment screw. The spring keeps constant pressure against a brass turret, which in turns creates a “ratchet action” when the screw is turned. This design accomplishes two tasks, it gives feedback to the operator as every “click” moves the base plate precisely 4/1000” and it eliminates the need for a locking nut. Once adjusted, the base plate will remain in position until the operator changes the setting again.

Patented, self-closing cutter head guard

The innovative design of the blade drum guard assures maximum safety and ease of use. The steel guard is spring-loaded and covers the whole underside of the blade drum. As soon as the machine is lifted off the work surface, the two-piece guard pivots forward and covers the cutter head completely. This greatly reduces the risk of injury, especially when the still coasting machine is lifted off the workpiece and then held with one hand by the side of the body (risk of cutting into power cord or pants / legs!). Of course, no guard or safety device can ever take the place of proper and careful operation of power tools and all safety rules must be followed for safe use cutter head guard in open position cutter head guard in closed position.


Quick-Lock power cord connection

Another helpful detail is the quick-release connection for the power cord. This reduces down time when replacing a worn or damages power cord and also reduces the space needed to store the machine when not in use. The flexible power cord is approx. 12.5 feet long.

Belt-Drive Design 

A flat drive belt conveys power from the motor to the arbor. The self-centering belt rides on crowned aluminum pulleys; no tracking adjustment is ever necessary. Replacing a belt is simply accomplished by only removing the belt cover; there is no need to remove the motor assembly, etc.                 

Because the arbor and cutter head are belt driven, any vibrations created by the motor are isolated from the knives, resulting in a smooth finish.

Other edge trimmers designed with 90 degree gear heads lack this isolation feature and vibrations from the intermeshing gears could be transferred to cutter head.


Solid aluminum cutter head

The machined aluminum cutter head is pressed on a steel shaft. The assembly is p rec isio  n balanced and assures a clean and shatter free surface. Hard and softwoods, veneer and laminate materials are planed with ease, leaving a smooth surface free of swirl marks, etc.

Commercial quality motor

The heavy-duty motor is oversized to withstand commercial use.

Because the machine is not equipped with a guide fence referencing off the panel edge, it works equally well on curved counter tops, in cut-outs, etc. This design also allows the user to glue a wood edge on all sides of a panel at the same time. Once the glue has dried, the BH 556 is used to plane the edge flush with the panel in one pass.


Hoffmann BH-556 Lipping Planer compared to two competing machines on the market

  BH-556 brand L brand V
power in watt 1,400 watt 705 watt 1,050 watt
true HP (1HP = 745.7 Watt conversion) 1.877 HP 0.945 HP 1.408 HP
weight 11 lbs. 7.5 lbs 17 lbs.
performance - in watts per pound of machine weight 127.3 w/lb 94 w/lb. 61.8 w/lb.
cutter head rpm 16,000 rpm 10,000 rpm 11,100 rpm
ergonomic design and weight balance of main handle and power switch yes yes no
advantageous  power-to-weight ratio for all day operation yes yes no
patented, self-closing steel cutter head guard yes no no
quick-lock power cord yes no no
cutting depth adjustment  in precise 4/1000" increments yes yes  (1.4/1000") no
self-locking fine adjustment knob eliminates unwanted changes yes yes no
quick drive belt change without the need to remove motor assembly yes no no
country of manufacture Switzerland Switzerland Spain
Voltage 115 Volt - 60 Hz
Motor 2 HP - 12 Amp. - 1,400 Watts
Motor Speed 26,000 RPM
Cutter Head 16,000 RPM
Planing Width 2 1/4"
Weight 15 Lbs.
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