Hoffmann MS35SF Double Miter Saw - Router Combination Machine

Hoffmann MS35SF Double Miter Saw - Router Combination Machine
Brand: Hoffmann Machine Company
Part No: M1070000
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The MS35SF Double Miter Saw is designed to simultaneously cut a left and right hand miter with each machining cycle.  Upon cutting the miters, the saw blades retract and the rougter carriage moves upward routing one or two dovetail keyways in the mitered ends.  The heavy-duty design of the saw heads and the routing carriage, precision machines components as well as the sue of industrial quality carbide tipped saw blades assures perfect cuts with no burrs or tear out, even on difficult to process material (such as foil or paper wrapped MDF moulding).  The location of each keyway as well as the routing height is fully adjustable to suit a wide range of applications.  In addition, the MS35SF can also be used as a production double miter saw for wood, non-ferrous metals and plastics by switching off the routing operation.

Typical Applications include:

mitered cabinet doors, compound mitered crown moulding, furniture components, compound mitered lighting fixutres, trophy bases, game tables, mitered picture frames, curio cabinets, architectural millwork products, jewelry and novelty boxes, bulletin boards, door and window casings, spa enclosures, base frames

The Hoffmann MS35SF Double Miter Saw is equipped with two sawing and routing stations, mounted at a fixed 90 degree angle to each other. Each station consists of a sawblade to cut the material, and a routing head to rout either one or two dovetail keyways per miter.  Solid hard and softwood as well as panel products like MDF, MDO, particleboard, and plywood can be cut to size and routed for Hoffmann dovetail keys in one cycle.  Different routing heights can be set for each position to allow the processing of profiled moulding or material joined with a compound miter.  The key locations can be adjusted by the operator from 1/4" - 3 1/8" = 6-80mm, measured from the tip of the mitered end. These adjustments are displayed on calibrated "SIKO" counters, assuring perfect repeatability.  The material is placed onto the material support on the left side of the machine. The operator actuates the pneumatic foot switch to secure the workpiece with eight pneumatic clamps. These clamps are mounted behind the sawblade guard for added safety.  Once the material is secured, the operator must press two buttons at the front of the machine simultaneously to initiate the cutting and routing cycle. This two-hand-control design forces the user to have both hands out of harms way.

Machining Sequence

  • Sawblades cut through material and retract up to their home position.
  • Both halves of the machine table move approx. 18" apart to create a space for the routing heads.
  • Routing heads move up to rout the first key location, then down, over and up again to rout the second location.
  • The tables move back to the center of the machine and the pneumatic clamps release the material.

The MS35SF is equipped with a 7 3/4" wide aluminum fence on the right side of the machine. This fence is 63" = 160cm long, longer lengths are available. The width of 7 3/4" assures sufficient support, even for wider material. Moving the stop assembly to the desired location and locking it in place sets the workpiece length. The length measurement is shown directly on the stop assembly with a digital display, the accuracy is .001" = .01mm. The operator can change the display from fractional inches to decimal inches or decimal millimeters.

An infeed material support table is supplied for the left side of the machine, the length is 63" = 160cm.

Standard Features

The Hoffmann MS35SF is shipped ready for operation, including infeed support table, right hand side fence system with digital display, solid carbide router bits, air filter, air regulator, and oil lubricator assembly installed, two-hand safety operation, separate flow control valves for sawblade and routerhead feed rate, emergency-stop-switch, manual and toolkit.

Freight Cost Information

Machines are shipped in sturdy plywood boxes and shipping charges vary greatly due to different shipping weights, transit times and destination ZIP codes.

Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you to discuss the freight options for your shipment.  Your actual freight charges will be confirmed to you before your order is processed.

Power Supply 220 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Cycles, 15 Amperes
Air Supply 90 psi
Max. Material Height 96", longer lengths possible with extended fence and table
Installed Router Bit Hoffmann solid carbide router bits, W-1, W-2, W-3
Dust Collection two dust collection ports, 4" diameter, 400cfm each
Router heads two motors @ 450 Watt, 24,000 rpm, 6.00mm collet
Saw heads two motors @ 2 1/2 HP, 3,470 rpm
Saw Blades 350mm diameter, 30mm bore, carbide tipped
Cutting capacity 3 1/2" max. width, 4" max. thickness
Sawblade cutting angle 45 degrees
Minimum Length 3"
Operation two-hand safety controls
Controls electronic - pneumatic operation with PLC
Shipping Weight 57" length 66" height 40" depth 220" total length w table extensions Weight approx. 1665 lb.
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