N 004X Hoffmann MU-2 & MORSO NXLEH

N 004X Hoffmann MU-2 & MORSO NXLEH
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Hoffmann MU-2 (left)

Professional level, manual dovetail routing machine to rout a single dovetail keyway with each machining cycle. Heavy cast-aluminum constrction with large table surface, precision linear bearings and steel motor carriage.  For Dovetail Key sizes W-1, W-2, W-3 and W-4 (with optional larger motor).


The NXLEH is an automatic guillotine-style notching machine for the production of beaded face-frames, French-mitered cabinet doors as well as muntin and mullion joints.  This model will accept moulding up to 8" wide, allowing the operator to process virtually every face-frame, including wide bottom and top rails.  The completely self contacined machine is equipped with a heavy-duty motor and hydraulic pump and operates with pressurized hydraulic fluid.  An industrial-quality PLC unit controls all movements - a clear acrylic guard and two-hand safety controls are sued for safe operation.

Hoffmann MU-2 (left)

Manual dovetail routing machine, including W-2 carbide router bit, with one set of flip-stops and alignment fixtures for beaded moulding, with standard 45 degree fence plate for miter joints and square-stop for butt-joints, incl. toolkit and detailed manual.


Automatic notching machine. Features a heavy-duty steel frame with cast iron tabletop. The vertical travel of the cutting head, which is also made of cast-iron, can be adjusted in two positions depending on workpiece thickness, assuring fast and efficient operation. When set to the lower setting, the complete cutting cycle (trim cut and finish cut) is completed in 1.5 seconds!

Max. material width: 8"

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