RG120A-C Face Frame Combination with automatic Morso machine

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The Beaded Face-Frame Combo Systems consist of the following equipment components:

  • RazorGage automated stop system (available in different working lengths)
  • OMGA professional chop saw
  • MORSO face-frame notching machine (available as manual or automatic models)

All three components are connected with special hardware and custom brackets to create an integrated, sturdy and reliable machining cell.

The RazorGage stop system is calibrated to work with the chop saw for cutting stiles and rails to length and it is calibrated to the notching machine to position all notches and end cuts accurately. This design reduces cost and space requirements by using one stop system for two separate processes.

The included software package allows the operator to design a face-frame “from scratch” on the touch screen or to download completed files via USB connections.

To best match the system with the customer’s production requirements we offer a variety of component variations.

RazorGage automated stop system with 10ft stroke length is the most popular system but longer or shorter lengths are available.  Standard OMGA 1L300 chop saw is equipped with a 12” saw blade and offers 5 7/8” max. cross cut capacity. For frequent cutting of wider stock, larger 14” saws with 6 3/4” capacity are available.  MORSO notching machines are offered as manual models (NFXL) as well as electro-hydraulic models for more production oriented shops (NXLEH).

Step One:

A face-frame is designed on screen or a data file is imported using a USB port.  With the screen switched to “sawing operation”, the stop system is calibrated to the saw blade and precise length cuts are made on all stiles and rails.

Step Two:

The cope end-cuts and notches along the moulding edges are positioned with the screen switched to “notching operation”.  After completing a notch, the operator presses a button and the system will advance the material as needed for notches wider than the nose knife width. This allows for quick production of custom face-frames with stiles and rails in varying widths (wider top and button rails, wider cross member for refrigerator openings, smaller cross-members between drawers, etc.)  

RG120A-C (positioning system - chop saw - automatic notching machine)

  • RazorGage Automatic Positioning System with 12ft stroke length
  • 116" working length on saw and 143" working length on MORSO
  • Tower PC, touch-screen monitor and windows-based software package
  • Adjustable saw platform installed between RazorGage and MORSO machine
  • Riser platform for MORSO machine
  • OMGA 1L300 miter saw (230volts - 1 or 3 phase)
  • 12" production saw blade for OMGA 1L300
  • MORSO NXLEH automatic notching machine (220volts - 1 phase)
  • One 3/4" and one 1" nose knife and set of side knives for MORSO NXLEH
  • All necessary hardware, instructions, toolkits, etc.
  • Overall system length is 21ft
  • Longer or shorter RazorGage stroke lengths available
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